Better Health: How to Stay Young and Pain Free

Better Health: How to Stay Young and Pain Free

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You’ve heard the saying, “there are two things in life that are unavoidable—death and taxes,” that may be true, but what this is really saying is we have control over everything else. It boils down to content; how we live the life we’ve been given, before death and hopefully while in good standing with the IRS.

We not only want to have a long life, but we want to be happy living it. Happiness means different things to different people; however, one common denominator for a long and happy life is good health.

When we are young and “healthy” it is easy to overlook how important health is to our happiness and quality of life; an afterthought until we begin to lose it, until we begin to “feel” our bodies. Years of poor diet, lack of sleep, not enough exercise and too much work add up. What do I mean by that? For some it’s a walk around the block, for others, it’s a 10K or a round of golf. Your body quickly reminds you what you have just been through; a stronger message than a text or tweet are achy knees or hips or pain in the low back.

It’s never too late to improve your quality of life. This can mean the absence of pain, improved strength, endurance and stamina, lower body weight, or a clear mind and less stress. Golf, hikes, tennis, or a good walk—can be enjoyed without a reminder of how old your hip, knee, or back is.

You live at an amazing time. Continuous advances in medicine and technology along with personal interest in maintaining or achieving a healthy body are creating incredible outcomes for our patients. With our combined 50 years of experience in medicine, and our personal interest in fitness and nutrition, the Spine Brain & Joint Institute is here to serve you.

Our goal with this blog is to provide a professional and possibly different perspective on many topics in pain reduction, regenerative medicine, and anti-aging to help you live your best life.